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Аквамарин » Английский язык » Tests » Задания зонального тура олимпиады (для учащихся 10-11 классов)
Задания зонального тура олимпиады
aquamarineДата: Вторник, 27.11.2007, 20:34 | Сообщение # 1
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Нашла вариант теста Зонального тура олимпиады для учащихся 10-11 классов школ с углубленным изучением английского языка.
Может быть кому-то будет интересно...
В любом случае, начать с чего-то нужно. :)
aquamarineДата: Вторник, 27.11.2007, 20:42 | Сообщение # 2
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1. Vocabulary

Find ten pairs of opposites in this list:

Example: enjoy - dislake.

spe nd

aquamarineДата: Вторник, 27.11.2007, 21:02 | Сообщение # 3
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2. Vocabulary

Put the correct word into the grap in each sentence

1. Can you (lend, borrow) me 5 pounds until tomorrow?

2. Primitive men (invented, discovered) fire thousands of years ago.

3. She thought that the painting was valuable, but experts told her that it was a (worthless, priceless) forgery.

4. He will (raise, rise) his hand when he needs attention.

5. All British children have heard of Dick Turnip. He was an (infamous, unknown) robber, who stole from travellers and was executed for his crimes.

6. I would be happy if he didn't (behave, treat) me like a child.

7. I cannot make up my (mind, decision) what to do next.

8. Who (said, told) you all this nonsense?

9. This dictionary is too (cheap, expansive). I can't afford it.

10. An (apple, orange) a day keeps the doctor away.

aquamarineДата: Вторник, 27.11.2007, 21:27 | Сообщение # 4
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3. Grammar

Read the text below and choose the correct word or words for each space.

Moving Through the Air.

The history of (the, an, -) airplane is (quite a, a quite, quite) short one.
For many centures men (are trying, try, had tried) to fly, but with (little, few, a little) success. In the 19th century a few people succeeded (to fly, in flying, into fly) in baloons. But it wasn't until the beginning of (this, next, that) century that anybody (were able, is able, was able) to fly in a machine (ho, which, what) was heavier than air, in other words, in (who, which, what) we now call a plane.
The first people to achieve 'powered flight' were Wrighr brothers. (There, Their, Theirs) was the machine which was the forerunner of the Jumbo jets and supersonic airlines that are (such, such a, so) a common sight today.
In many ways the most remarkable flight (of, above, at) all was the flying bicycle, which the word saw on television, (to fly, flying, fly) across the Channel from England to France with nothing (apart, but, than) a man to power it. As the bicycle-flyer said, "It's the first time (I realize, I am realizing, I have realized) what hard work it is to be a bird!"

aquamarineДата: Вторник, 27.11.2007, 21:43 | Сообщение # 5
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4. Grammar

Choose the correct word or words for each space.

1. I thing it's _____ to take a few more pictures.

A. enough light C. light enough
B. light as enough D. enough as light

2. Although she is very popular, she is not _____ her sister.

A. pretty as C. prettier than
B. more pretty than D. prettier than

3. We haven't had _____ news from the disaster site since the earthquake.

A. many C. mutch
B. quite a few D. some

4. Please, go to _____ to pick up your ID card.

A. third window C. window third
B. thу window three D. the third window

5. We were hurrying because we thought that the bell _____

A. have been ringing C. was rung
B. had already rung D. had already rang

6. Wold you mind _____, please?

A. to answer the telephone C. answer the telephone
B. answering the telephone D. the telephone to answer

7. I don't like iced tea, and _____

A. she doesn't neither C. she doesn't too
B. neither does she D. neither is she

8. Let's goout for dinner, _____?

A. shall we C. are we
B. will we D. don't

9. Today's weather isn't as cold as it was yesterday, _____?

A. wasn't C. is it?
B. isn't it D. was it?

10. I wonder when _____ back home.

A. will they come C. they come
B. they will come D. are they coming

11. She knows the computer quite well. She _____ a secretary for three years.

A. has been working like C. has worked like.
B. works as D. has been working as

12. It's a day off! He _____ to get up as early as usual.

A. has C. doesn't have
B. hasn't D. mustn't

13. The new film _____ about.

A. is much spoken C. has been much spoke
B. is told mutch D. has much told

14. Exuse me, but it is time to have your temperature - _____

A. being taken C. taking
B. taken D. to take

15. In the ocean, ____ more salt in the deeper water.

A. in may be C. there are
B. it is D. there is

aquamarineДата: Вторник, 27.11.2007, 23:00 | Сообщение # 6
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5. Reading Comprehension

Read the text, then read the questions about it and choose the one best answer A, B, C or В to each question:

Mickey Mouse was not Walt Disney's first successful cartoon creation, but he is certainly his most famous one. It was on a cross-country train trip from New-York to California in 1927 that Disney first drew the mouse with the big ears. Propably he took his inspiration from the tame field mice that used to scamper into his old studio in Kansas City. No one is quite sure why he dressed the Mouse in the now familiar shorts with two buttons and gave him the yellow shoes. But we do know that Disney had intended to call him Mortimer until his wife Lillian insisted on christening him Mickey Mouse.
Mickey's debut was with Minnie as a co-star. In the third short cartoon, "Steamboat Willie", Mickey was whistling and singing through the miracle of the modern soundtrack. By the 1930s Mickey's image had circled the globe. He was a superstar.
Although he had received a few minor changes throughout his lifetime, the addition of white gloves and the rounder forms, he has remained true to his nature since those first cartoons. Mickey is really nice. He may get into trouble but he is never sad or gloomy. Perhaps that was Disney's own image of himself. When interviewed he would say, "There is a lot of the mouse in me." And that mouse has remained one of well loved images in American popular culture.

6. Reading Comprehension

1. What is the topic of the text?

A. The life of Walt Disney;
B. The image of Mickey Mouse;
C. The history of cartoons;
D. American culture.

2. What made 'Steamboat Willie' different from earlier cartoons?

A. Better colour;
B. Minnie Mouse as co-star;
C. A sound track;
D. The longer format.

Who gave the mouse his name?

A. Walt Disney called him Mortimer;
B. Disney's wife did not object to the name Mortimer;
C. Walt Disney thought that neither the name Mortimer nor Mickey Mouse suited him;
D. Lillian preferred the name Mickey Mouse;

4. The first image of Mickey Mouse is unchanged exept that

A. He was using white glovers;
B. He had big ears;
C. He wore yelloe shoes;
D. He was dressed in shorts with two buttons.

aquamarineДата: Вторник, 27.11.2007, 23:10 | Сообщение # 7
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7. Language and Culture

Complete each sentence (1-6) choosing the correct end (A-F). Match the numbers and the letters.

1. The Fourth of July is the day when ...
2. When celebrating the beginning of the New Yea, ...
3. Halloween is the time when ...
4. Thanksgiving Day is the time when ...
5. The Fith of November is thу day when ...
6. Remember Day is the time when ...

A. ... children go trick or treating.
B. ... many people in Britain buy red poppies made of paper.
C. ... Guy Fawkes' Night is celebrated.
D. ... Americans celebrate their independence.
E. ... Americans eat turkey and cranberry sauce.
F. ... many people in Scotland sing 'Auld Lang Syne'.

That's all. smile

John_AdamsДата: Понедельник, 11.05.2009, 17:58 | Сообщение # 8
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Зональный - это от слова "зона" что ли? confused

Тест полон ошибок и грубейших опечаток. Просмотрели бы его прежде чем выкладвывать.

velosipДата: Четверг, 28.05.2009, 04:05 | Сообщение # 9
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Вы не правы в ответе. подумайте потом пишите :)
Аквамарин » Английский язык » Tests » Задания зонального тура олимпиады (для учащихся 10-11 классов)
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