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Аквамарин » Английский язык » Tests » Grading tests (7, 9 form)
Grading tests
aquamarineДата: Среда, 28.11.2007, 22:29 | Сообщение # 1
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Несложные тесты для школьников.
aquamarineДата: Среда, 28.11.2007, 22:29 | Сообщение # 2
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Итоговый тест по английскому языку в 7-х классах школ с углубленным изучением английского языка.

I. Fill in the prepositions:
1. Ann lived --- the country.
2. She went --- town --- bus.
3. She left her house --- 9 o'clock.
4. She usually did her shopping --- Saturdays.
5. She did it --- the morning.
6. I was busy and couldn't listen --- the radio.
7. We go to school --- foot.
8. This knife is made --- wood.
9. The concert began late --- night on TV.

II Put these sentences into the past tense:
1. I can't swim.
2. He can run fast.
3. You can't ski without snow.
4. My father has to get up early.
5. I must have a rest.

III Turn these sentences into questions:
1. He wrote a letter to his friend yesterday.
2. Peter is reading in his room now.
3. Fanet will take her exam tomorrow.
4. The dinner was cooked by Kate.
5. They like to play tennis.

VI Put the verb in brackets into the correct form:
1. The students (go) to the country next summer.
2. If you (work) hard, you (pass) your exams well.
3. Children (play) in the garden now.
4. 'anna Karenina' (write) by L. Tolstoy.
5. The dress (make) of silk.
6. The family (travel) to Brighton last Friday.

aquamarineДата: Среда, 28.11.2007, 22:34 | Сообщение # 3
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Grading test for 9 form.

In each question only one answer is correct. Choose the correct answer.

0. That man wants (speack, to speak, speacks, speacking) to you.
1. Michael Jackson is (singer, a singer, sing, singer man).
2. (There are, It's, They are, There is) a nice day.
3. I can't give you any money because there's (none, any, some, no) left.
4. The man in the picture (smoking, is smokingm are smoking, smoke) a cigarette.
5. John (is liking, like, likes, are liking) Mary.
6. I've got some eggs here, but not (much, a lot of, any, many).
7. Susan and I (am, is, are, were are) going to school.
8. The bicycle is (in front of, near of, front of, next) to car.
9. James (shall, will, can, is going) to play football tomorrow.
10. My brother was (at home, at the home, in home, in the home) all weekend.
11. Have you been to Ireland? (Not yet, Not already, Not still).
12. He is looking forward to (see, seen sees, seeing) you again.
13. Why have you (went, gone, come, came) to me?
14. What time (does Peter has, does Peter have, Peter has, do Peter have) supper?
15. Please (tell me, say me, speak, talk) what you want.
16. He left without (say, said, to say, saying) goodbye.
17. What is your cousin? (That's she, I haven't got any, She's a doctor, Over there).
18. I'm leaving England (on, at, to, in) Friday.
19. When (Tom usually does, usually does Tom, does Tom usually do) his homework?
20. I enjoy (watching, to watch, watch, seeing) television.
21. We (didn't go, didn't went, haven't gone, not go) to the cinema last night.
22. Pat and Jane are (so clever as, clever that, as clever as, clever than) her.
23. Last year (went Mary, Mary went Mary was, did Mary go) to Canada.
24. I have lost my pen. Can I (borow, lend, steal, to borrow) yours?
25. This question is (so much, too much, too, enough) difficult for me.
26. She's been very kind, (doesn't she? hasn't she? isn't she? wasn't she?)
27. He has been studyng English (for, since, during, through) 2 years.
28. The doctor told him he mustn't (to work, working, worked, work) so hard.
29. I've often (passed, remained, rested, stayed) at this hotel.
30. I am not very good (in, at, for, with) playing tennis.
31. Would you mind (doing, making, having, to make) me a favour?
32. He (still, already, yet, always) lives in the house where he was born.
33. She'll (get off, get through, get over, get away) her nervousness soon.
34. We got lost and (had to, must, should, have to) ask the way.
35. He (can't have went, can't gone, can't have gone) to Paris - I saw him in London today.
36. (Anyone, Someone, No one, None) of them understood him.
37. 60% of television viewers choose him as their (preffered, favourite, popular, best) actor.
38. The shopping always (was doing, used to be doing, used to be done, use to be done) by my wife.
39. Half an hour ago I (was informed, have been informed, had been informed) that I had to take a test.
40. That's the firm (what we've been dealing with, we've been treating with, we've been dealing with).

Аквамарин » Английский язык » Tests » Grading tests (7, 9 form)
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