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Аквамарин » Английский язык » Tests » Elementary Test (Level: Elementary)
Elementary Test
EarlindeДата: Четверг, 20.12.2007, 02:16 | Сообщение # 1
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Тест на грамматику. Уровень Elementary.
EarlindeДата: Четверг, 20.12.2007, 02:26 | Сообщение # 2
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1. Complete the sentences with myself, yourself, himself etc.

For example: Mr. Black repaired his car himself

1. Alex and Sam hurt _____ while working on the boat.
2. The parrot always looks at _____ in the mirror.
3. You have to do your homework _____.
4. Chris and Tina come here. Help _____ to some sandwiches.
5. We had a good time in France. We really enjoyed _____.
6. The children didn't behave _____ in the museum.
7. Maria introduced _____ to the new student.
8. John cut _____ with a sharp knife.
9. Ken, you should teach _____ German.
10. I burned _____ on the iron.

EarlindeДата: Четверг, 20.12.2007, 02:55 | Сообщение # 3
Почётный участник
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2. Complete the sentences with used to or didn't use to and this verbs:
sell, walk, listen, learn, play, live, hate, visit, sing, watch, cook.

For example: He used to walk to work. Now he takes the bus.

1. She _____ television, but now she does.
2. I _____ my brother. I like him now.
3. They _____ posters in that shop, but now they don't.
4. He _____ football, but now he doesn't.
5. Ted _____ to loud music. Now he does.
6. Karen _____ dinner, but now she does.
7. We _____ in Holland. We live in Ireland now.
8. Joe _____ Physics, but now he doesn't.
9. You _____ your uncle, but now you do.
10. Joan _____ in a rock group. She doesn't now.

EarlindeДата: Пятница, 21.12.2007, 09:44 | Сообщение # 4
Почётный участник
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3. Write these sentences in the passive with by.

For example: John brought the letters. The letters were brought by John.

1. The Americans invented fast food.
2. The storm destroyed many towns.
3. Leonardo da Vinchi invented the helicopter.
4. Mrs Moore makes the best cakes.
5. My mother sewed my jacked.
6. Herge created TinTin.
7. The speeding car hit him.
8. James usually cuts my hair.
9. Van Gogh painted The Sunflowers.
10. Bob will buy the balloons.

EarlindeДата: Пятница, 21.12.2007, 10:00 | Сообщение # 5
Почётный участник
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4. Use the words to make conditional type 1 sentences. Put the verbs into the correct form.

For example: don't work, not pass your exams.
If you don't work, you will not pass your exams.

1. you go to sleep now, you feel better in the morning.
2. you practise every day, you soon play well.
3. the weather be bad, we go to the cinema.
4. she knows the answer, she win the contest.
5. you phone Mary, she come to the party.
6. they not arrive early, they miss the plane.
7. we tell Sue, she tell everyone.
8. he walk, he be late.
9. you buy ten tickets, you save money.
10. you be careful, you not hurt yourself.

EarlindeДата: Пятница, 21.12.2007, 10:17 | Сообщение # 6
Почётный участник
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Сообщений: 136
5. Use these words to write sentences in the present perfect continuous tense with for or since.

For example: I, write letters, five o'clock.
I have been writing letters since five o'clock.

1. they, sail, five days.
2. she, talk on the phone, two hours.
3. we, go to Spain for our holiday, 1989.
4. he, collect paintings, twenty years.
5. they, live in Martinique, 1970.
6. she, wash her clothes, seven o'clock.
7. it, rain, a week.
8. we, wait for the train, this morning.
9. you, work on the play, three months.
10. I, plan the surprise, two weeks.

Аквамарин » Английский язык » Tests » Elementary Test (Level: Elementary)
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